What You Need to Know About Your Car's Tyres

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Your car's tyres may be the last thing you think about when you consider the safety of your vehicle or needed repairs, but this can be a mistake. The tyres on your car or truck are just as important as any other part, if not even more so. You may be surprised to learn just how important your car's tyres are and why you should always keep them in good repair. Note a few important points about car's tyres when it comes to their function and why you shouldn't ignore them.

1. Laws may dictate that your tyres be in good repair

One reason to keep your tyres in good repair is that there may be local laws that fine or ticket you if you don't have good tyres on your car. You may get points on your license and may face fines for each tyre that does not have proper tread thickness. This can be very costly overall and in some cases, may result in a higher rate for car insurance. Whatever the actual laws in your area, you would do well to find out how they affect your car and tyres and ensure that you're complying to avoid these costs.

2. Is a coin still a good way to ensure that tread on tyres is sufficient?

There is an old trick of sliding a coin into the tread of tyres and noting how thick the tyres are; however, this isn't the best way to ensure your tyres are not worn down. Many tyres have what is called a tread indicator built in; this is a small bit of rubber inside the tread. Once the rubber is worn down to be even with this indicator, it's time to change your tyres. Use this as a better tool for determining if your tyres need replacing.

3. What happens to old tyres when they're replaced?

If you're worried about old tyres winding up in landfills and avoid having them replaced for this reason, you can simply find a tyre company or tyre disposal company that recycles them. The rubber of tyres is easy to recycle and can be used in a number of other projects. Don't let your concern for the environment stop you from getting new tyres, as worn tyres can actually lower your gas mileage, resulting in more emissions and fumes from your car when you're on the road. Changing your tyres can actually be a better, more eco-friendly choice.